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Interviews & Articles featuring Robin Bennett Kanarek
Interviews & Articles

A passionate advocate for palliative care and its many benefits, Robin has been interviewed on the topic and published in a number of respected clinical journals.

Video Interviews

Jewish Broadcasting Services (JBS) New York, NY (May 22, 2019). Transcending Loss. How a family copes with the loss of their teenage son, David, to cancer and why palliative care is essential for patients of all ages who are suffering from a serious illness. 

Carolyn Jones Productions, New York, NY: Dying in America:
Nurses Leading the Conversation
., (2015).


Kanarek, RB, (November 28, 2022). “Aha” moment: Discovering the hidden experience of spiritual distress in illness.
Gold Foundation blog.

Kanarek, RB, (July 2020). Spiritual distress manifested by a teenager following a stem cell transplant.
Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

Kanarek, RB, (August 25, 2019). A nurse comes face to face with her son’s serious illness. KevinMD blog.

Kanarek, RB (Spring/Summer issue, 2019). How to navigate through a health care crisis. Seniors BlueBook: Southern Connecticut.

O’Shea, ER, Kanarek RB, Kazer, MW, Kelley, PW, Thomas, Tomi (October 2017). Building nursing capacity for palliative care
at a Jesuit Catholic University: A model program. Christian Journal for Global Health. DOI:10.15566/cjgh.v4i3.192.

Kanarek, Robin Bennett (2017). Personal Reflection. Life-threatening illness and a mother’s emotional journey: Lessons in care. Journal of Palliative Medicine. Volume 20 Number 6, 2017: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. DOI:10.1089/jpm.2016.0566.

Kanarek, R.B. (2016). The after effects of a mother’s loss (Essay/Personal Reflections). Journal Palliative and Supportive Care. 
1478-9515/16: Cambridge University Press.

O’Shea E.R. & Kanarek, R.B. (2013). Understanding pediatric palliative care: What it is and what it
should be. Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing, 30:34-44.

Kanarek, R.B. (2010). VIEWPOINT: Palliative care isn’t just for the dying. American Journal of Nursing,110:11.

Kanarek, R., & Riley, V. (2005). The parent’s perspective of teenage cancer. In T.O.B. Eden, R.D. Barr, A. Bleyer, M. Whiteson (Editors). Cancer and the Adolescent. Second Edition (Chapter 19, pp 214-227). Oxford, England: Blackwell Publishing.


Kanarek, R. (July 1998). Facing the challenges of childhood leukemia. American Journal of Nursing. 98(3):42-47.

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