The Doctor (the movie)


For those of you who haven’t seen the 1991 hit movie, The Doctor, I would highly recommend you do. I have watched this movie several times and am in awe over how accurately it portrays the hospital experience after you receive a bad diagnosis. I remember watching it as a practicing RN and was astounded by the main character, a cardio-thoracic surgeon's, arrogant, self-centered approach to patient care. He diagnosed and performed the surgery without any compassion or sensitivity. His attitude was 'get in, get out and collect the money’. All that comes to a screeching halt once the roles are reversed and he receives a bad diagnosis. Suddenly he is subject to the type of care he gave his patients and he does not handle it well (who does?). From his shiny, modern office in a large metropolitan hospital, you watch him descend down the elevator into the bowels of the hospital where he later receives radiation treatment. All does not go as he expects and he realizes that life does not revolve around him. He learns a lot of valuable lessons about life, love and compassionate care and once recovered, he passes his wealth of personal experience onto his residents (a priceless scene to watch).

Until you personally have been through this type of experience, you have no idea how fragmented and isolated you feel as the patient. We all need to learn from this movie and from all perspectives. It is as relevant today as it was in 1991.

The movie has an all-star cast including William Hurt, Mandy Patinkin, Alan Arkin, Christine Lahti and Elizabeth Perkins.

I have purchased the movie, but I believe you can view it free at: